Silly Words to help learn Suzuki Volume 1

Growing up as a Suzuki kid, my mom (also a Suzuki teacher), and many of the teachers at Suzuki Institutes we attended, made-up silly stories and words to the Suzuki repertoire.

As I see it, silly words and stories serve three purposes:

1.) They lighten up pieces your student may be struggling to learn.
2.) Words can often help students comprehend a new rhythm.
3.) They help your student memorize melodies and/or the form of a piece.

Here are some of my favorite words and stories for VOLUME 1:

Var. B Twinkle:
Doc-tor Su-zu-ki
Says ne-ver get la-zy
Just prac-tice and prac-tice
un-til you go cra-zy

(I think credit for these words goes to the STELR program in Lubbock, TX)

Can I play Allegretto with beans in my nose?
Would there be any argument, do you suppose?
Can I play Allegretto with sticks in my hair?
Do you think that my teacher would care?

I don't care what you put in your hair or your nose
Just as long as you know where your fourth finger goes!

Can I play Allegretto with sticks in my hair?
Do you think that my teacher would care?

(as seen on Little Blue School)


Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite POW

(thanks to Stephanie Ezerman for those words)

This story about hiking in the Grand Canyon helps students remember the form of this piece...
A1 section: You set out on the trail, but OOPS you forgot something and have to turn back (1 D 3 A)
A2 section: You set out again with everything you need and head up a small hill (1 3 1 3)
First descending scale: the trail leads you to a small waterfall
Second scale: now you see an even bigger waterfall
A3 section with final descending scale: time to head down the hill and return to the campsite

(I believe this story came from Barbara Barber)

Minuet 2:
to help teach the triplet sections...
choc-o-late ice cream cone
choc-o-late ice cream cone with a nut

(I'm pretty sure my mom, Joyce McGlaun, made those up!)