Role of Parent

The Suzuki Method is built on the premise that parents are the best educators of their children. Shinichi Suzuki developed this method of teaching after a profound realization that children everywhere learn to speak their native language, however difficult, very well and easily. He believed that this “Mother Tongue Method” was the best educational method in the world and that all educators could benefit by incorporating elements of this method into other subject areas. Suzuki also believed that learning beautiful music helps children develop in to better human beings – people with more compassion, love and appreciation of others. This means parents are responsible for:
  • Taking notes and paying attention during lessons, so practice at home can be productive. Asking questions at the end of the lessons so you can understand better.
  • Initiating the child's repetitive listening to Suzuki CD's
  • Encouraging the child to practice daily
  • Creating the appropriate environment for practice at home
  • Exposing the child to musical excellence by attending live performances and listening to recordings
"If love is deep, much can be accomplished." - Shinichi Suzuki

This quote says a lot about Suzuki's views on learning, and the awesome responsibility presented to the parent as the "home teacher". Dr. Suzuki encouraged teachers and parents to be gentle and loving when instructing children. To provide encouragement, not criticism and shame. To build up, not tear down the child's self-image. Suzuki was always able to find something positive about a student's efforts and comment in such a manner. Is your child receiving genuine, specific praise?

There is always something positive to say even if it is that they stood still or had their feet in playing position! Instead of saying, "Your pinky was straight again, fix it", try saying, "You really watched your bow that time! Can I see your curved pinky?"