Miss Becky

Becky Wilsford is a product of Suzuki in almost every aspect of the method. She grew up as a Suzuki teacher’s daughter, was a Suzuki student from age three to sixteen, and is now an SAA certified teacher. Having worked through the system at several different angles, Becky believes this method to be engrained in her. The process of being both student and teacher helps her to be empathetic while guiding beginners.

Top Left: Ms. Becky's first violin, Top Right: Becky (age 4) playing at a summer Suzuki Institute, Bottom: Performance Major at Texas Tech
Becky is also an accomplished violinist as soloist and orchestral musician. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Violin Performance from Texas Tech University and has been a member of the Abilene Philharmonic, The Amarillo Symphony, Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, West Valley Symphony in Phoenix, Arizona Broadway Theatre, and Allen Philharmonic Orchestra. She and her family moved to the Dallas, TX area in 2011 where she is actively performing with several professional ensembles.

Becky teaches from her home studio where she lives with husband, Michael, their 9 year old, Jonah, 6 year old, Grace, and 2 year old Evlyn.