Suzuki Method

  • The Suzuki philosophy is grounded in the precept that children can be educated through their environment. Dr. Suzuki believed that every child is born with remarkable potential and, given stimulating musical surroundings and excellent training, each can learn to play an instrument.
  • Suzuki-trained students begin at very young ages. Author, and Suzuki teacher, Kay Slone, has written a book titled, “They’re never too old, and rarely too young, to Twinkle”. Ms Becky agrees!
  • The child masters each step thoroughly before moving on to the next.
  • The Suzuki teacher establishes a partnership with the parent.
  • Suzuki instruction teaches children to play the instrument before introducing note-reading.
  • Suzuki instructors teach a common repertoire. Pieces in the Suzuki repertoire are designed to present one or two new technical problems to be learned in the context of the piece.
  • Suzuki-trained students continuously review previously learned repertoire.
  • Suzuki-trained students perform frequently and from memory with ease.