Props to aid muscle memory

Excellent posture is a big goal for every Suzuki student. Getting that perfect posture can be frustrating when your child is going through growth spurts every few months. Here are some of my favorite props for helping students accomplish their posture goals:

1.) Dexter the Monkey. Most of the time, he's hanging off the music stand, but lately he's helping my students fix the dreaded "pancake hand".

You can find more Gund Magnatude animals like Dexter, here.

2.) BowHold Buddies. These accessories may seem a little pricey at $29.95, but they grow with your child (one size fits all) and spare YOU the headache of correcting a collapsed pinky hundreds of times. These are great for kids with double-jointed fingers, and they magically round and relax rigid bowholds.

3.) Hershey Kiss. An oldy but a goody! Set candy on the belly of your student's violin to encourage them to hold the violin parallel to the floor (as opposed to letting the scroll droop towards the ground). Also great for setting in the crook of their left elbow, to encourage the elbow to stay centered under the violin. If they can play a review piece without the Kiss falling, they get to eat it.